A-Z Freeware Launcher - Plus (AZFL+) is not just a program for launching numerous freeware programs, it is so
much more than that. While always keeping the novice user in mind during the development of AZFL+, we were
also continuously striving to make it a very useful program for every user at every skill level.

By the use of recommended daily, weekly and monthly tasks, AZFL+ serves as a comprehensive guide to performing
effective tune-ups on your computer plus keeping your computer as healthy and secure as possible.

Information and download links are also provided for numerous useful utilities, in addition a massive amount
of valauble online information in regards to the world of computers is made available to the user via numerous
recommended links.

If all the programs that AZFL+ is capable of utilizing are installed on your computer, then you can make full
use of the many available AZFL+ options.

A-Z Freeware Launcher - Plus is free and guaranteed to be virus/spyware/malware free.

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