Steen’s coaching was outstanding! Prior to meeting Steen, I was a mediocre player. My playing lacked discipline, which led to losses after losses at the table. Steen’s two front approach to coaching is what sets him apart. The first is his book, "Beating the Game of Limit Texas Hold'em", the most concise and powerful book on limit hold’em that I have read. Steen, in his book, concentrates on correcting the most common mistakes that players make; these are the problems that cost us plenty over the long term. Many of the secrets that Steen reveals in his book, I have not seen before in any other publication. The second, is his review of hands. Steen is also a thoughtful analyst of his opponents play and this was reflected in his analysis of my game. Steen reviewed the hand histories of a couple of my sessions and was instantly able to pick out areas for improvement.

After making the changes to my game that Steen suggested, my hourly rate went from negative to positive. Steen turned me into a winning poker player. He brought consistency, patience and most of all, discipline to my game. Thank you Steen!

Jeff Seib
One of my students


First, let me say that I hate to read manuals so I am very surprised that my friend and poker expert, Steen, even considered me to write an endorsement to his new book, “Beating the Game of Limit Texas Hold’em.”  I much prefer to be entertained when I read even though I have an extensive library of poker “how to” books and for the most part, they are quite informative and provide an excellent source of reference.  They may not be as entertaining as “Gone with the Wind;” but, when you are striving for success in a particular field of endeavor you should try to read most everything published on your chosen subject.

Steen’s new book is both easy to read and informative.  This book is all about “Limit Texas Hold’em,” the poker game that most of us play.   He begins with a factual discussion of your bankroll, elements of the game, the ideal seat selection and the basics of when to play aggressively and passively.  There is a definitive section on running bad and good.  Steen covers the proper how-to-play your hands including small pairs, large pairs and suited connectors.

The extensive section covering online poker is well worth the price of the book.  The first pot you take down as a result of what you learned here repays your book cost plus some.  The online section is packed with an enormous wealth of information in a well-written format that is easy to read and comprehend.   Steen also provides a few charts to aid you in your education and understanding of online poker.  The section on table position will provide you with invaluable tips to position yourself in the most advantageous seat.

As I stated earlier, you should read everything published concerning your field of endeavor and for the poker player wanting to achieve success in Limit Hold’em this book is a must read. It is well written in an easy-to-comprehend style.  So my suggestion is to read the book.  You and your bankroll will be glad you did.  I read the book and now my bankroll and I are back on speaking terms.

Dick Gatewood
Card Room Manager
Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, Nevada


I met Steen when I ventured into the Hold'em poker world over a decade ago.  Over the years I've never had occasion to sit across the table from anyone who was more level headed or a more consistent winner.

Steen has translated his knowledge into print in a concise, easy to follow format.  It is, in fact, a manual on how to become a better player regardless of the level you are currently at.  He'll educate you on money management, perhaps the toughest part of the game and how to handle the ups and downs inherent in limit Hold'em.

After reading this book your game will improve and you will start winning more consistently.  Your respect for Steen as an author will grow, as mine did for him as a player.

In this book he helps you categorize the game and adjust your play accordingly, like no other author has done before.

Bill Kertes
President, Check n Raise Poker.com


The explosion in the popularity of poker in recent years is almost beyond belief. This phenomenon is both good and bad for the seasoned player. Good because we now have plenty of action, bad because the majority of new players mimic what they have seen at final tables on TV which results in wild and unpredictable play in ring games. New players, if you want to make money playing poker, read and study Steen's book. It will slow you down but if you will follow his direction, you will increase your win rate. Seasoned players, if you need a refresher course, Steen's book is it. It's easy to understand (except maybe for implied odds). The patience and self control you need to follow his advise is the difficult part. Do it and be a winner!

Susie Isaacs
Poker Columnist since 1986
Ladies World Champion 1996 and 1997





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